Earlier in 2016, primary school children in Whitstable Junior School in United Kingdom were given the assignment of the day – to draw people doing different jobs. They were tasked to draw a firefighter, a surgeon, and a fighter pilot.

A little girl drew Jimbob, saying, “He’s a brain surgeon!”

Another proudly presented her drawing of a fighter pilot, saying, “This is his jet plane. He rescues people.”

Overall, five children drew women in these roles, while sixty-one other pictures were of men in these roles.

Imagine the shock on their faces when the firefighter, surgeon, and fighter pilot who later walked into their classroom were all women.

Being that the children were between the ages of 5-7 years old, this reveals that stereotypical roles for women and men are established at very young ages.

Shattering gender stereotypes will take a community, and it’s important to have these  conversations with the youngest members of our societies. To help #RedrawTheBalance, you can sign up to pledge an hour a year to speak in state schools/colleges about your job here!

Inspiring the Future created this video as a part of their Inspiring Women Campaign.

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