What better way to spend a rainy Sunday, than spending it indoors at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore location, taking the hammer to furniture discards, pricing goods, building displays, learning to maneuver a pallet jack, and hauling furniture 2x-3x your size?

I’m sure you could think of many, many alternatives! But today, we couldn’t!


As of 2015, the number of people who were displaced exceeded 65.3 million, according to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which is greater than the number of people in the United Kingdom at that time.

The items we worked on today were all donated by local citizens and businesses alike. I would like to thank Orchard Supply Hardware, aka OSH, because they donated many boxes of lightbulbs, paint supplies, electrical outlets, and home decors (all of which we had the pleasure of pricing, and marking down). Due to the nature of the inventory being donated, not all Habitat ReStores are the same!

Habitat for Humanity has multiple ReStore locations all over the United States of America, and also hosts “Village Tour” expeditions in up to 40 different countries. You also have the opportunity to join one of their build projects, during which you will take part in building a home for someone in need. So, if that kind of thing rocks your socks as much as it does ours, visit their website for opportunities!

If you would like to give your support immediately, but cannot make time just yet to work a ReStore (or shop there), Build, or Village Tour project, they also accept monetary donations. The link is below:

Support Habitat for Humanity’s global cause here!

Me lo pasé tan divertido dando, y usted también! (I had such a great time giving, and you will too!)

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